An old Belgian style that had all but died out in the early 1900’s was fortunately saved by brewer Pierre Celis in the 50’s when he opened a brewery in the town of Hoegaarden. What makes Witbier different than other wheat based “white” beers was the addition of herbs other than hops. Orange peel and coriander are what makes this style distinctive.

Colour– Pale gold, straw coloured. Cloudy.

Aroma– orange, pepper, coriander.

Flavour– orange, pepper, coriander. Bready malt.

Mouthfeel– dry, crisp, high carbonation. Creamy.

Finish– soft, crisp, acidic

ABV– 4.5-5.5 %

Food Pairings– light foods, seafood, salads, vegetarian sandwiches

Cheese PairingsРgoat cheese, brie, creamy cheeses 

Dessert Pairings– panna cotta, light orange flavoured desserts

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