Will Bowes

Will Bowes

Starting as an actor at the young age of 14 Will Bowes has had the opportunity to live a double life in the characters he has portrayed on the big and small screen. However exploring the depth of each role can have its restraints; those with creative license to the project ultimately decide it’s final vision. With his latest adventure as singer/songwriter Bowes has given himself the opportunity to show fans his authentic being through his debut album Characters (January 2020), ultimately showcasing the most familiar and comfortable “character”; himself.

“The title of my debut album, Character, is about personal integrity, it’s a proclamation of my artistic identity, and a slight nod to my background as an actor and performer. All of my life I have been fascinated by what makes a great pop record and what causes a particular melody to become an earworm,” said Bowes. “While some of the album is inspired by the end of a long-term relationship, my goal is always to entertain, to get people dancing and feeling wild and free.”

Will recently chatted with Heather at Northern Maverick Brewing Company just days before his album release. Find out how he feels about craft services on movie sets, how it will play into future shows and why the Fisher Price recorder was so important.

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