Who We Are?

Each one of our team members is a  Certified Prud’homme Beer Sommelier® having recently graduated from the Prud’homme Beer Certification® program. Through a comprehensive program based around learning about beer history, beer styles, beer and food and beer tasting, Prud’homme brings together people passionate about beer in a collaborative and supportive environment.

This Canadian organization, started by beer consultant and educator Roger Mittag offers a different approach to beer education suited for all levels of experience and knowledge. Through this course, you get a hands on approach to learning in a classroom setting while working with others to encourage discussion. There are 4 levels to Prud’homme Beer Certification®, each step offering more advanced learning and applicable skills for real life career development. We have all currently achieved our level 3 Prud’homme Beer Sommelier® certificates and are working on completing level 4 by early 2019 and will continue to learn and grow each and every day.

Heather Lang has been a food writer and photographer as The Tasty Gardener for over 9 years. Throughout her the adventures as a freelancer she quickly found her new passion and love; beer. As a certified beer sommelier she gets to share her love through tastings, food pairings and writing about anything and everything beer related. Her favorite styles are the Belgians but wouldn’t kick any beer out of bed.



Maddie Maynard has worked in the food and beverage industry for over 10 years. In the last few years she has focused on butchery, which she developed a passion for in culinary school at George Brown College. Soon after, Maddie discovered her love for beer, and more specifically, the wonderful relationship between beer and food. Becoming a certified beer sommelier has opened the doors to exciting new adventures and opportunities. Maddie is passionate about writing and reading about beer as well as the exciting relationship it has with food. Maddie’s current favorites are porters and ESB’s but loves most other styles as well. There is no turning away a chance to try new beers that’s for sure!


Having always had a passion for food and beer, Drew Main decided to follow his desires and work full time in the food and beverage industry in early 2017. His belief is that you can learn everything you need to having a beer with someone, which has made him passionate about making sure positive beer experiences are being supported every where great brews are available. He has a soft spot for stouts and bold / rich flavours profiles, but he is happy to share in and discuss all assortments and experiences they may create.



No one really knows for certain how Danger Dave appeared on the Ontario food and beverage scene. Some say that he was paradropped onto a Parkdale side street with an empty stein and counter-brew-telligence objectives. Others say he was just a nerdy kid from the States with a weird obsession of pairing the bevs he drank with the music he seshed to. Whatever his true origins may be, we do know that DD has currently infiltrated due south, and is gathering pseudo classified information about the beer industry in Latin America and reporting under the codename “Danger Dave Beer Ambassador.”


“Every beer has a time and a place; ideally it’s in my mouth right now”. You might know Lori Crowe from Indie Alehouse or Beer Bistro or from any number of beer events where she can usually be found sipping a barrel aged sour. Currently a manager and beer educator at Northern Maverick Brewing Co., Lori believes that the more you know about a beer the more you are able to enjoy it. A believer that independent is best but beer snobbery is the worst, Lori writes, teaches and drinks with passion! Photo credit to @beerbarleyandfood and his dog Chuck.



The vision behind beer x has always been a collaborative venture. With that always on our minds we will continue to introduce and include creatives from all levels of experience and expertise.


Ashley Denny has always had a love and passion for everything music, cider and beer related which has introduced her to this community of collaborative writers who share the same interests and live for the same experiences. She is a city girl at heart that has been born and raised in the sticks with lots of exploring to do. Follow her on this journey to cideries, breweries, music and cider festivals where all the liquid goods are on tap!