Sweet Stout

Sweet Stout

Also known as cream stout or milk stout these British dark ales started in the early 1800’s when milk was actually added the beer to make it milder and possibly more nutritious. It is brewed with milk sugar (lactose) which doesn’t add sweetness as it is unfermentable but instead adds a creamy, rich and silky mouthfeel to round out any roasted bitterness. Sometimes brewers will use caramel and crystal malts instead of lactose to the same effect.

Colour– dark brown to black. Tan to light brown creamy head.

Aroma– chocolate, coffee, fruity esters

Flavour– chocolate, coffee, fruity esters

Mouthfeel– creamy, rich, full bodied

Finish– medium finish, slight lingering bitterness

ABV– 3-6 %

Food Pairings– oysters, BBQ, Spicy mexican

Cheese Pairings– cheddar, nutty cheeses, bleu

Dessert Pairings– anything chocolate, red fruit desserts, ice cream

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  1. […] as being a healthy and nutritious beer Oatmeal Stouts in fact contain oatmeal. Very similar to the sweet stout brewers use gelatinized oatmeal instead of lactose to create that full and silky mouthfeel and with […]

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