Translated to “season” Saisons were brewed by farmer brewers; in the colder months farmers would produce these beers to drink during the warmer working months. During fermentation they would take on the characteristics of the ambient yeast of their homestead. It is one of the most broadly defined styles you can have a table, standard or super strength version.

Colour – can be light or dark, clear or hazy

Aroma– pepper spice, citrus, orange, lemon

Flavour-pepper spice, citrus, orange, lemon

Mouthfeel– high carbonation, can be acidic

Finish– medium finish, crisp, dry

ABV– 3.5-9%

Cheese Pairing– brie, goat, burrata

Food Pairing– seafood, roasted meats, roasted dishes, pad Thai

Dessert Pairing– citrus desserts, sorbet

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