Roasted and Speciality Malt

Roasted and Speciality Malt

These malt are roasted at a higher temperature than coloured malts to produce darker colours and nutty, roasted flavours in beer. They have no enzyme activity therefore they don’t add any sugar to the mash and are used as a complement to base malts.

Chocolate Malt

Paler than black malt, it is used in dark ales, porters, stouts and bocks.

Flavour profile- cocoa, dark chocolate, coffee, nutty

Black Malt

Roasted at the highest temperature to create a dark and bitter malt, it is used in stouts, porters, brown ales and dark lagers.

Flavour profile-coffee, cocoa, burnt caramel, nutty 

Roasted Barley

This unmalted barley is roasted to create a bitterness popular in stouts, porters and Scottish ales.

Flavour profile- bittersweet chocolate, coffee, espresso

Sour Malts

This malt has been steeped in a bacteria called Lactobacillus before they are kilned. They are used to produce the sour flavours in Lambics, Berliner weisse, Irish stouts and sour beers.

Flavour profile-fruity, sour


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