Kriek, Framboise, Fruit Lambics

These beers are carbonated Lambics that fruit has been added. Kriek have cherry and Frambroise have raspberry though other flavours like peach, apricot, merlot or muscat can be produced. This is a modern style beer only appearing in the 1930’s. They are pasteurized and back sweetened.

Colour – depends on the fruits, can be clear or hazy

Aroma– depends on fruit, barnyardy, funky

Flavour– depends on fruit, barnyardy, funky

Mouthfeel– tart, acidic

Finish– varies

ABV– 5-7%

Cheese Pairing– soft creamy cheeses, manchego, bleu

Food Pairing– salads, fruit sauces, pork, chicken, light fish

Dessert Pairing– chocolate desserts, fruit desserts

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