Kilned/Coloured Malts

Kilned/Coloured Malts

These malts are kilned longer and at higher temperatures producing a darker coloured wort. They have less enzymes than base malts and therefore are combined with them to control the colour and flavours of the beer.

Dark Munich Malt

With a full body and distinct caramel flavour this malt is used in Dunkel, amber ales, dark ales, stouts, and schwarzbier.

Flavour profile- caramel, honey, dark bread, nutty

Amber Malt

Popular in English styles this malt is used in brown ales, porters, pale ales, Belgian ales and barley wine.

Flavour profile- caramel, honey, molasses, dark bread, brown sugar, nutty

Melanoidin Malt

Popular in Belgian and German Style this malt is used in amber, lagers and ales, dark lagers and ales, Scottish ales, red ales, Belgian pale ales and dubbels.

Flavour profile-honey, biscuit, dark fruit

Brown Malt

Once the primary malt in brown ales and porters this malt is now used in mild ales, stouts, red ales, scotch ales and Belgian Strong ales.

Flavour profile- nut, biscuit, dark sugars

Pale Chocolate Malt

Less roasted than regular chocolate malt  it is used in porters, stouts and mild.

Flavour profile- milk chocolate, nutty, toast

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