Irish Red Ale

Irish Red Ale

Despite modern red ales only being around since the early twentieth century there is some reference of these malty, reddish hued ales being popular in the Middle Ages. More popular in the US than in Ireland they filled a need of bar keep wanting to serve an Irish beer that wasn’t a porter or stout.

Colour– amber to red copper Aroma- caramel, some fruity esters, toast,

Flavour– caramel, toffee, toast, light roasted

Mouthfeel– dry, soft mouthfeel, moderate carbonation

Finish– short,

ABV– 3.8-5.0 %

Food Pairings– pork, salmon, roasted vegetables, shepherds pie, grilled chicken

Cheese Pairings– washed rind cheeses, cheddar, gruyere

Dessert Pairings– poached pears, creme brulee, caramel desserts

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