Gose (pronounced Go-za) are considered white beers as they contain up to 60% wheat malt. What sets them apart from a standard wheat beer is that they are seasoned with coriander and salt which gives it more body and mouthfeel. Originally brewed in the Middle Ages in the town of Goslar on the Gose river and later made popular in Lepzig, this crisp, tart and effervescent beer is becoming more popular in modern times.

Colour– straw, light gold to gold. Can be clear or hazy

Aroma– bread, sour dough, fruity esters, citrus, 

Flavour– bread, sour dough, fruity esters, citrus, coriander, mildy salty

Mouthfeel– crisp, sparkling, refreshing

Finish– can be dry, medium finish, 

ABV– 4.2-4.8%

Food Pairings– fruit salads, ceviche, shrimp cocktail, seafood, light fish, mexican food, grilled food

Cheese Pairings– salty cheese, washed rind cheeses, blue cheese, queso, goat, asiago, chevre

Dessert Pairings– lemon or lime desserts, pudding, key lime pie

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