German Pilsner

German Pilsner

Brewed in competition with the extremely popular Czech pilsner, the German version is a lot more crisper, drier and hoppier. The water sources in Germany contain more sulfates and the beer is brewed with German yeast with higher attentuation.

Colour– pale, straw coloured, white foam

Aroma– floral, spicy, herbal, minty, cracker

Flavour– cracker, floral, herbal, minty

Mouthfeel– crisp, dry, high carbonation

Finish– clean, quick, refreshing

ABV– 4.4-5.2%

Food Pairings– light foods, seafood, German food, salad

Cheese Pairings– white cheddar

Dessert Pairings– shortbread cookies, lemon curd, lemon desserts, sorbet

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