English Porter

English Porter

One of the most mysterious beer styles with origins as unique and varied as the brewers interpretations. Dating back to the 1700s in London porters has changed as quickly as technology and innovation has changed the beer industry. Originally it was brewed with 100% brown malt until the invention of an accurate hydrometer and newer kilning techniques that allowed for cheaper pale malt to be used with darker specialty malt. In general it is lighter than a stout but has more roasted characteristics than a brown ale.


Colour– light brown to dark brown. Ruby highlights.

Aroma– bitter chocolate, caramel, roasted nuts, toffee. 

Flavour– bitter chocolate, caramel, roasted nuts, toffee. Should not be burnt. 

Mouthfeel– Creamy, dry. Malt balanced.

Finish– Some bitterness from roast characteristics.


Food Pairings– Roasted food, smoked food, BBQ, sausages, game.

Cheese Pairings– nutty cheeses, comte, gruyere, gouda.

Dessert Pairings– chocolate chip cookies, chocolate desserts, coffee desserts.

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