English Brown Ale

English Brown Ale

One of the forgotten and less popular beers, Brown ales generally lost their popularity due to the surge of darker, roastier beers like porters and stouts or lighter beers like pale ales and bitters. For those looking for that in between of dark yet milder ales the clean nutty flavours of the brown is a perfect choice.

Colour– dark amber to brown

Aroma– caramel, nuts, toffee, chocolate, toast.

Flavour– caramel, nuts, toffee, chocolate, toast.

Mouthfeel– Crisp and slightly sweet.

Finish– medium dry and clean

ABV– 4.5-5.5%

Food Pairings– roasted meats, stews, pot pies, gamier meats, roast vegetables, sushi.

Cheese Pairings– gouda, comte, manchego, old cheddar, blue.

Dessert Pairings– chocolate desserts, nut based desserts.

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