Czech (Bohemian) Pilsner

Czech (Bohemian) Pilsner

The original Pilsner invented in 1842 in the Czech town of Plzn is was brewed as a direct response to the popularity of pale ales sweeping the world. Using bready, pilsner malt and classic Saaz hops this crisp and refreshing lager is still a popular choice today. It’s distinct mouthfeel comes from brewing with soft water and less carbonation. It is less bitter than it’s German counterpart.

Colour– gold to deep gold

Aroma– bready, spicy, floral

Flavour– bready, black pepper spice, floral

Mouthfeel– medium body

Finish– crisp and refreshing

ABV– 4.2-5.8%

Food Pairings– chicken, salad, shellfish, seafood, lighter dishes, ceviche,

Cheese Pairings– mild cheeses, creamy cheeses, mild cheddar, brie, havarti, provolone

Dessert Pairings– bread pudding, vanilla custard, buttery cookies

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