You can call it karma, divine intervention or just plain luck when it comes to a double booking of studio time that lead to the formation of VALLEY. Bandmates Rob, Michael, Alex & Karah have wasted no time gaining exposure from the indie universe with airplay on various stations including Toronto’s own Indie88. They self produced the EP “This room is white” in 2016 and have released “Side A” the first of three portions of the EP “Maybe”  that’s been in the works over the last two years.​

Beers With Bands caught up VALLEY during Juno Fest in London, Ontario at Anderson Craft Ales and chatted about what they’re listening to right now and the first beer they ever had.

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VALLEY, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music

A huge thank you to Emma and the Anderson Craft Ales staff for letting us use their taproom and supplying all our beer needs. Heather and the band enjoyed the Hazy IPA, the Cream Ale and pomegranate sour.

Beer X intro shot edited, original photo by Joanna Glezakos

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