Avling Brewery

Avling Brewery

In an industry where a new brewery opens almost monthly you need to do something that stands out. When you are opening a new restaurant in an already gastro-popular neighborhood being different can mean all the…well…difference. Combine the two and you have to start reinventing the wheel. For those folks local to Leslieville you hit the jackpot with the new opening of Avling Brewery & Restaurant on Queen Street. And for those outside of the area you have even more reason to make a trip to the East side.

Sometimes when a brewery/restaurant hybrid is created focus tends to lean towards the one side an owner may be most familiar with. In the case of Avling each shines perfectly on their own but when they come together they are blindingly wonderful.

Avling Brewery & Restaurant

Head brewer Brandon Judd came to the brewery via Godspeed, a brewery known for exceptional quality and outstanding beers. With that mentality the first beers released to the public were brewed and chosen with care.

Avling Brewery & Restaurant

The hopped Belgian Ale is smooth and punchy. The yeast typical to this style shines with peppery spice and bright citrus while the hops provide a drier and more pronounced bitter finish. Both saisons are classically well balanced; each a little more nuanced than the last with Judd brewing with a variety of malts to help create body to his beers. With another IPA on tap as well as their newly released Pilsner drinker have a great range of beers to pair with any of the amazing dishes coming out of the kitchen. While list appears tame there are more characters coming down the tapline with a cherry sour and baltic porter on the brewing schedule.

Make sure while you are there to  grab a seat towards the back that overlooks the brewery to watch all the magic happen. Or ask for a tour of the rooftop garden. Many of their ingredients for an uniquely curated cocktail list are grown up there and they recently planted their first hop plants. And on your way out grab some cans from the bottle shop.

Avling Brewery & Restaurant

To learn more about the restaurant side of things make sure you check out my companion post here.

Avling Brewery & Restaurant, 1042 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1K4

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