American Wheat

American Wheat

Similar to Hefeweizen, American Wheat beers use a cleaner yeast and have more of a hop aroma and flavor. The yeast used does not produce the banana and clove phenolics you are used to with German styles.

Colour– pale gold to gold

Aroma– fruity, floral, citrus, sweet bread crust

Flavour– fruity, floral, citrus, sweet bread crust

Mouthfeel– well balanced, refreshing, crisp, creamy mouthfeel

Finish– dry, some tartness

ABV– 4.0-5.5%

Food Pairings– light dishes, chicken, salad, sushi, seafood, eggs

Cheese Pairings– creamy cheeses, fruity cheese, chevre, brie,

Dessert Pairings– fruit desserts, creamy desserts, custard, puddings,   

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