American Imperial Stout

American Imperial Stout

This is American specialty. Basically brewers add double the hops and double the malt to a regular stout to create an Imperial. While you may think this means a bigger hop profile in fact using extra malt helps to balance out the flavours to create a full bodied, high alcohol dark ale. Because of their percentage these beers age very well.

Colour– black
Aroma– coffee, dark chocolate, cocoa, pine, citrus
Flavour– coffee, dark chocolate, cocoa, pine, citrus
Mouthfeel– warming, full bodied
Finish– dry, lingering bitterness, long finish
ABV– 8-12%
Food Pairings– beef stew, roasted meats and veggies, grilled meats, chili, french onion soup
Cheese Pairings– nutty cheeses, bleu cheeses, sharp cheddar
Dessert Pairings– chocolate desserts, coffee desserts

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