Alt means “old” in this German top fermented Ale that was a push back to the popularity of lagers. It was brewed traditionally in the Dusseldorf region along the Rhine because of it’s moderate temperature; generally doesn’t freeze in the winter and never too hot in the summer.

Colour– amber, copper, dark brown

Aroma– biscuit, caramel, bread crust, toffee, herbaceous, peppery hops

Flavour– biscuit, caramel, bread crust, toffee. citrus, pepper

Mouthfeel– crisp, medium carbonation, 

Finish– low-medium, dry and bitter

ABV– 4.3-55%

Food Pairings– pork, sausage, salmon, roasted chicken

Cheese Pairings– Emmental, Camembert, earthy  cheese

Dessert Pairings– apple pie, caramel dessert, nut based dessert, creme caramel, walnut cake 

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