Adjunct Grains

Adjunct Grains

Some brewers use ingredients other than barley to add mouthfeel, body or unique flavour. These are called adjunct grains.

Flaked Oats

Oats are used to impart a smooth, rich and thick mouthfeel to beers like stouts.


These grains are used to brew lighter coloured and flavoured beers. They produce enough sugar for the brewing process but don’t impart flavour like pale malts can.


Brewing with rye produces crisp, refreshing and a subtle spicy flavour to beers such as rye ales.


With a high protein content wheat is used to produce fuller bodied beers with a thick creamy head and cloudy appearance. It is used in brewing wheat beers, Witbier, Lambic, saisons, grissettes and hefeweizens.

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